Testing the detour section of Határ út metro station

There are two detour areas on the southern section of metro line M3; these are pairs of rails for turning and temporarily storing subway trains on a particular section of the subway tunnel. The works on Nagyvárad tér mentioned earlier have been reported several times.


Video compilation of the works on the southern section

With few exceptions, demolition work has been completed on the southern section of metro line M3.

The left-side rails has been renewed, the transition to this new track section will take place soon, and the demolition of the right track will begin, and the reconstruction of the detour section will continue at Nagyvárad tér metro station.

This time we made a video compilation of the abovementioned works.

Expected changes

As a part of a comprehensive reconstruction on the new line, a modern truck will be built, there will be a complete electrical reconstruction, the safety equipement will be replaced, the train control system and conductor systems will be replaced, the passenger areas and the stations will be renovated​. The renovation of the trains have already started. The first refurbished trains have been in operation since March of 2017.