Why is it necessary to close the whole section of metro line M3 besides weekdays peak times and on the weekends?

Reconstructing the metro line is a special task since there is only one ground connection available (at Kőér utca vehicle depot) to move in and out all the machines, tools, materials and to transport the debris. When it is time for metro replacement buses to swap the subway cars, all the flat wagons begin their daily routine under the ground by transporting in the construction materials.

Up and down

Underground works are going on with the same speed. Experts and various machines spectacularly reshaping both the image of the stations, the service areas and those places with the machinery equipment as well. But what about the works above ground in the meantime?


Reconstruction in the background

During the works all the areas of metro line M3 will be renewed, meaning that currently the works are happening not just in the tunnel but in those areas as well what are resctricted to the ridership. There were many changes (regulational ones also) since the first subway cars put into operation back in the seventies. The service areas in the background will be refurbished according to the renewed directives.

While there are still demolishing works going on at the stations, the service areas are being rebuilt at the same time. Among the works new dispatch rooms will be built and due to stricter regulations (in some places) new fire sections will be demarcated in order to improve safety.

See the works for yourself in our gallery.

Expected changes

As a part of a comprehensive reconstruction on the new line, a modern truck will be built, there will be a complete electrical reconstruction, the safety equipement will be replaced, the train control system and conductor systems will be replaced, the passenger areas and the stations will be renovated​. The renovation of the trains have already started. The first refurbished trains have been in operation since March of 2017.