Accessibility on metro line M3

A couple of weeks ago on the 25th of May the General Assembly of Budapest voted in favour to make all 20 stations of metro line M3 accessible. On the 10th of May István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest and Ágnes Kovács chairman of the National Federation of Disabled Persons’ Associations (MEOSZ) held a press conference where they signed an agreement of the accessibility of the metro line.

Incline elevators for more accessibility

Structurally speaking, there are many examples across Europe for accessibility with incline elevators. These structures and their enviroment could hardly (or with great risks) be served with regular elevators. In Prague, Paris, London and Stockholm incline elevators are operating in different metro stations in order to maintain accessibility.

Renewing monuments in the metro

There are many enamel-made pieces of art on metro line M3 what are decorating the passenger areas since the nineties. An important part of the reconstruction is to restore and renew these pictures.


Video about the reconstruction works in the tunnel

Most of our news updates were about the reconstruction of the stations themselves, yet there are also works going on in the tunnel as well. Both the track and the tunnel developments are important parts of the general reconstruction of metro line M3, although less spectacular.

When the works will be finished, these improvements cannot be observed by the ridership - since they are off-limit areas - yet tunnel and track developments are essential part of the general reconstruction.

We already submitted an article about the special machines used in the reconstruction of metro line M3, now a video report shows the works in the tunnel more detailed.

A frame from the video

Expected changes

As a part of a comprehensive reconstruction on the new line, a modern truck will be built, there will be a complete electrical reconstruction, the safety equipement will be replaced, the train control system and conductor systems will be replaced, the passenger areas and the stations will be renovated​. The renovation of the trains have already started. The first refurbished trains have been in operation since March of 2017.