Why is it necessary to close the whole section of metro line M3 besides weekdays peak times and on the weekends?

Reconstructing the metro line is a special task since there is only one ground connection available (at Kőér utca vehicle depot) to move in and out all the machines, tools, materials and to transport the debris. When it is time for metro replacement buses to swap the subway cars, all the flat wagons begin their daily routine under the ground by transporting in the construction materials.

Up and down

Underground works are going on with the same speed. Experts and various machines spectacularly reshaping both the image of the stations, the service areas and those places with the machinery equipment as well. But what about the works above ground in the meantime?

Just like a film set...

You can hardly compare the metro stations with their former self now that they are under reconstruction. Removal of cladding, reshaping the service areas put a really distinctive mark on the image of the stations. You could easily imagine yourself in a film set - if it wouldn’t be obvious where were the photos taken.

Cable clutter

There are many areas in metro line M3 where even in its operational days only the experts and members of the maintenance staff are allowed to enter.