About us

The reconstruction of the infrastructure of metro line M3 of Budapest is coordinated by the Metro Renovation Project Directorate, an organisational entity of BKV Zrt., originated on 1 September 2015. The Directorate is responsible for the preparation of construction works, design works, authorisations, public procurement procedures and working out the financing issue of the investment.



Project Director of Metro Renovation Project Directorate: Tibor Radnay

Deputy Technical Director: Judit Major-Maróthy

Head of Finances of the Project Directorate: Gábor Almásy

Legal Consultant of the Project Directorate: Dr. Anita Horváth

Head of Secretariat: Krisztina Bodnár

Leading Corporate Security Associate: Tibor Halmai

Head of Communications of the Project Directorate: Júlia Vincze