The past of metro line M3

The idea to connect Kőbánya and Újpest below the surface emerged as early as in the 1910s, however, the line of the metro was only designated in 1949-1950, and the government decision for the preparatory and design work was made in 1963. The first step on the merits was taken in 1966, when the design documentation was drawn up.

The construction works began in 1970 and the first section with a length of 4,7 km, between Nagyvárad tér and Deák tér was opened to passenger traffic on 31 December 1976. The metro construction continued between Nagyvárad tér and Kőbánya-Kispest terminus and the new section with a length of 4,5 km was completed on 29 March 1980. The third section with a length of 2,4 km, between Deák tér and Élmunkás tér (Lehel tér), was set into operation on 30 December 1981. By the inauguration of this short section, the three high-traffic central railway stations of Budapest (Keleti, Nyugati, Déli) have obtained metro connection. The fourth section with a length of 1,8 km was put into traffic on 5 November 1984, thus the metro has already reached Árpád híd. As a result of the economic situation of the country at that time, the rate of speed of the metro construction slowed down, nevertheless, the construction was brought to completion and the last metro line section with a length of 3,9 km, running to Újpest-Központ terminus, was inaugurated on 14 December 1990.

Corner of Ferenc körút – Üllői út, construction of an underpass. Kilián barracks situated on the opposite side, 1970. (Fortepan)

József körút, construction of an underpass at the Üllő út junction. Corvin (Kisfaludy) alley is on the right side, 1970. (Fortepan)

Deák Ferenc tér, metro station, 1977. (Fortepan)

Underpass at Kálvin tér, entrance of the metro station, 1977. (Fortepan)

Inauguration ceremony of metro line M3 in 1980.

Nyugati (Marx) tér, one of the escalators of the metro station in 1982. (Fortepan)

Lehel (Élmunkás) tér, metro station in 1982. (Fortepan)

Árpád út viewed from Lebstück Mária utca towards István (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky) út, construction site of the metro in 1987. (Fortepan)

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