Around the world



The first subway in the world was built in London and the inauguration took place on the 10th of May 1863. Novadays the total length of the 11 operating lines is more than 400 kilometres. The third metro line of London better known as City and South Railway was the first electric multiple unit operated line in the world. It has also great importance for Hungary since architects used the line’s schematics when the Millenium Underground Railway (Metro line M1) was planned and built.


New York

The New York City Subway holds many records: it is the world longest line but also the dirtiest one as well, not to mention that according to official statistics it has the highest crime rate of all the metro lines worldwide. The first line of the city was inaugurated in 1904. The metro is a really popular form of public transport: with the total length of 1355 kilometres it serves a ridership of more than 5 million people on a daily basis on its 26 lines and 468 stations.



Where underground construction meets art – this is how people describe the metro stations of the Swedish capital. The world’s longest art gallery: one can find many sculptures, mosaics, paintings in the stations. During the construction works the stations were built deep inside solid rock and the enviroment inspired artists.



The most modern and the most efficiently used metro line in the world. Novadays the lines serve more than 5 million people on a daily basis, with the total length of 218 kilometres. The Hongkong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) was found in 1976 and even the first stations were decorated with pieces of art to make the travel enjoyable. Novadays’ development and modernisation of the stations often involve artists as well.



One of the most beautiful stations ever built in any metro, often described as spacious ones, majestic, all bathed in light. Constructions started in 1932 with the eastern-western line which was put into use in 1935. Current shape of these lines form a cross with a circular one connecting them – this latter was uinaugurated in 1960. It has the second densely used metro line in the world.



The first African city where a metro line was built. The first 44 kilometres long line was put into use in 1987, novadays it operates with three lines in total. The really overcrowded metro cars serve passengers of both sexes and woman only.


Buenos Aires

The first metro line in South America was built in the Argentinian capital in 1913. This was the 13th metro line in the world. The total length of the six lines is 52 kilometres and it serves one million people on a daily basis.



The world longest, fully automated metro line operates in Dubai. The first two lines opened to the public in 2009 but there are plans for additional three lines as well. The total length currently is 74,6 kilometres, with the stations being extravagant, modern, but also reflect the local culture.



The first section of the Sofia Metro was opened to the public in 1998 and it was later expanded. The second line was put into use in 2012 and in 2016 contruction for the third line began. There was no need for a metro line in Sofia for a long time, not to mention that the area is full of archeological sites making the construction difficult. Currently trains operate in a 31 kilometres long track line.