Installing the control system of the metro

In our last report the ongoing reconstruction works was the main topic, however as for novadays it can be stated that on the northern section the stationary dispatcher rooms (ÁDI) are in the most advanced state based on their completion. With the support of the other technical areas (such as the track-telecommunication rooms) linked to the central dispatchers, will be an essential part of the renewing control system of metro line M3.

The renewed structure enhances the effectiveness of the operation of the metro, increases the safety of the ridership and - because parts of the network becomes automated in many places - the workflow of the on-call system (both traffic and technical) becomes faster and thus more effective.

This system (including the ÁDI rooms as well) is a modern network of emergency equipments, monitors and many advanced IP cameras. If necessary this allows a faster and a more efficient intervention.

Photo: Forgách utca metro station - ÁDI room