An all-day professional forum closed the M3 metro reconstruction – Five and a half years of achievements in five minutes

BKV Zrt. Metro Reconstruction Project Directorate closed the five and a half year reconstruction of the blue metro line with a major event on 25 September 2023. The closing event, entitled "Underground time travel from the 20th to the 21st century – The infrastructure reconstruction of the M3 metro line from planning to implementation", was held in the Eiffel Műhelyház. The forum was accompanied by a film showing the results of the reconstruction works.

The metro reconstruction has been able to erase borders, blurring political and public fault lines, while creating a community of shared purpose and professional innovation. At the forum, representatives and experts from the sponsors, the investor, the contractors and key participants – disaster management, inspection organisations, architects – presented one of Hungary's largest and perhaps most unique project from their own perspectives. In addition to exploring and evaluating the practices developed during the cooperation, the speakers pointed out challenges and successes, but also highlighted problems that could be addressed in the future to help the successful implementation of a similar giant investment.

The participants of the event were welcomed by Szilveszter Ókovács, Director General of the Opera House, and Tibor Bolla, CEO of BKV Zrt. as the owner of the project. The opening speech of the forum was given by Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest; István Perger, Head of the Political Department of the Representation of the European Commission in Hungary, spoke about the role of the EU; Balázs Nagy, Deputy State Secretary, representing the Prime Minister's Office, spoke about the implementation of the major EU project and the involvement of the Managing Authority; and Kata Tüttő, Deputy Mayor of Budapest, spoke about the Budapest perspective of the reconstruction.

The programme covered all the key aspects of the metro renovation, including project preparation, metro replacement services, accessibility solutions, the different phases of construction and the effectiveness of the new fire safety system. The speakers also interacted and shared their personal blue metro experiences with the audience. A discussion on safety, sustainability and possible, or rather necessary, future development directions concluded the forum, where eight experts shared their thoughts with each other and with the audience.

The event was concluded with a dinner, where the organisations, companies and individuals who actively contributed to the project were awarded. The Metro Reconstruction Project Directorate, which was managing the reconstruction of the M3 metro line, wanted to commemorate the 2017-2023 works with a special plaque.

The event was also accompanied by a MOVIE summarising the achievements of five and a half years in five minutes.

GALLERY of the forum gives a glimpse of some of the significant moments of the event.

Magyar Építők was a media partner of the forum and their report is available at this link (in Hungarian), for which we are grateful!

The Metro Reconstruction Project Directorate, which was managing the reconstruction, thanks the passengers, the public and all the others for their patience and cooperation, as well as the interest, curiosity and fair reporting of the press.

Photo by Zoltán Tuba / Képszerkesztőség