The M3 metro will be running on the whole line again on the weekend

Budapest, 10 May 2023From Saturday 13 May, the M3 metro will again run on the entire line on weekends, with trains running every day between Kőbánya-Kispest and Újpest-központ. The trains will not stop at Nagyvárad tér and Lehel tér until 22 May, these stations can be reached by replacement buses or alternative services until 22 May.

The reconstruction of the M3 metro line will soon be completed, and from 22 May the metro will be running on the entire line again, with trains stopping at all stations. As the reconstruction work progresses, there will no longer be a need to take a replacement bus between Kőbánya-Kispest and Göncz Árpád városközpont at the weekend, so from Saturday 13 May, the metro will be running on the entire line.

However, the Lehel tér and Nagyvárad tér stations are still under reconstruction, so until 22 May you can get to the area around the closed stations – both on weekdays and weekends – by using the station replacement buses or alternative services.

Nagyvárad tér can still be reached by the M30 bus from Népliget, or by trams 23 and 24.

Lehel tér can be reached by the M14 bus from Nyugati pályaudvar, or from the north by the temporarily extended route of buses 34 and 106.


The reconstruction will soon be over

The reconstruction of the M3 metro line will be completed with the opening of the stations at Nagyvárad tér and Lehel tér. From 22 May, trains will run every day on the entire line and passengers will be able to use all stations.

The reconstruction of the M3 metro, the busiest railway line in the country, started in autumn 2017. During the works, the metro line's infrastructure was completely renewed, including new tracks and sidings, replacement of safety equipment and insulation of the tunnels.

All stations and stops have recently been given a new look and interior, and great emphasis has been placed on accessibility. This has included the installation of both conventional and inclined elevators to enable people with reduced mobility to use the metro, and tactile signs to assist visually impaired people.

Once the reconstruction is complete, the metro will be almost brand new for the people of Budapest and visitors to the capital.


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