Why is it necessary to replace the metro on the middle section of the line at weekends?

Similarly to the metro replacement services in the northern section, during the reconstruction works in progress at the southern part of the line - between Népliget – Kőbánya-Kispest stations - passengers can meet various metro replacement services previously organized with the usual frequency and schedule.

The replacement of metro line M3 requires a high degree of organization, a comprehensive transformation of surface transport. On the southern section, the track shutdown is complete, the stations and the tunnel have a spectacular change, since some of the cladding and track have been demolished.

Regardless of the fact that the middle section - between Nagyvárad tér – Lehel tér stations - modernization works has not yet completely begun, partial works, including insulation improvements, are already underway with the aim of upgrading the low-level downtown section as soon as possible. Night-time stop-pages are not enough to carry out these time-consuming jobs, so they remain to be done on weekends.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Photo: Bence Horváth