From the spring of 2022, the blue metro will run at three more reconstructed stations

The metro reconstruction put an extraordinary pressure on the traveling public and those working on the modernization as well – for four weeks. While replacement buses transported passengers between Göncz Árpád városközpont and Kőbánya-Kispest on the surface, and traffic management was a challenge, the work proceeded according to a tight schedule underground, which was affected by an accident as well. We are grateful for the cooperation of the traveling public and the service of those working in the construction areas!

Again, we walked through the subway reconstruction area from north to south to show what happened during the one-month closure. In a strict chronological order, all the planned, long, continuous voltage-free work processes were completed, including the reconstruction of the Nagyvárad tér detour section, the asbestos removal of the enclosed areas and the delivery of different special equipment to the stations.

At Dózsa György út, Ecseri út and Pöttyös utca stations, the subsequent accessibility works continued. The elevator structures have been completed in the southern section of the line, and the architectural reshaping has taken place on the platform levels. At Ecseri út and Pöttyös utca stations, the lifts will be completed after end of this year.

Significant work phases in preparation for the reconstruction were carried out at Lehel tér and Nagyvárad tér stations. The middle flight of stairs has disappeared in Lehel tér, and the asbestos-containing coverages have been demolished in accordance with strict rules in Nagyvárad tér. Laboratory tests performed prior to the handover to passenger traffic did not reveal any hazardous material in the station airspace.

Reconstruction of the downtown section is taking place at different phases. Demolitions are being carried out at Nyugati pályaudvar, Arany János utca, Deák Ferenc tér, Ferenciek tere metro stations, on the other hand constructions are also happening. The supply and installation of the new mechanical equipments are also continuous. The corridor connecting the M2 and M3 lines in Deák Ferenc tér has been cleansed, and the new elevator shaft is slowly gaining its final shape.

Kálvin tér, Corvin-negyed, Semmelweis Klinikák stations are changing quickly and spectacularly. The station dispatch rooms are already being built at the three sites, all new escalators are being set in place, and the modern mechanical systems and power supply equipment has also begun to put into operation. At Semmelweis Klinikák metro station, you can already see the final interior design element and the yellow color that defines the image of the passenger areas. These three stations will reopen to passenger traffic in the spring of 2022.

In the tunnel, the replacement of the left track was completed and the demolition of the right track began. Reconstruction works are carried out on the entire line, and different subtasks are performed intermittently. Injection works has also started in the main ventilation tunnels and the installation of new cable holders is nearing completion.

Click HERE for the video compilation of the works and HERE for the image gallery.

Photos: Bence Horváth

Video: Júlia Vincze