Surprises underground: an exclusive subway tour for the athletes of Prémium

More complex than they thought - the four athletes of the Prémium Média & Sport Management team, Norina Bak-Szabó, Anna Kiss, Zsanett Lakatos and Péter Bernek, left the Arany János utca metro station with this idea. The competitors gained insight behind the scenes with the help of Swietelsky Építő Kft., which is reconstructing the metro station, and the Budapest Közlekedési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (BKV Zrt.).

“I didn’t think there was such a huge network next to the tunnel,” said bikinifitness competitor Anna Kiss, who was also talking about the already completed stations of the subway line. "What I liked best was the station at Népliget, actually all of them are very nice and very modern, but that's what caught me for some reason."

In addition to the platform level under construction, the athletes also visited the station's service facilities, the later engine room, the ventilation tunnels, and other rooms that were normally closed from the passenger areas.

“As a passenger, I only see the platform level. I thought there were other parts of the station, but I was still surprised by everything we saw. It was very exciting. I didn't think it was so complex,”said the short-track world and European swimmer champion, Péter Bernek.

The deep-core station, more than 24 meters deep from the surface, was built in the second half of the 1970s and was first handed over to passengers in December 1981. Due to reconstructions, it was closed in March 2020.

“I used to travel on metro line M3, especially between the Corvin-negyed and the Nyugati pályaudvar station - these are also the most important for me - the world champion canoer, Zsanett Lakatos said. “Without Prémium Média and Swietelsky, I hardly could have come down here and got to know this better. I didn’t think there was so much going on dow here or that there were so many tunnels.”

The complete reconstruction of the metro line could be completed by the end of 2022, according to current plans.

“When it is done, I’m sure I’ll come back to see what it’s been like,” said the youngest member of the team, the national team tennis player, Norina Bak-Szabó, stepping back to the surface.

Video summary of the event can be watched HERE.