October developments in the southern section

Observing the recontruction process, it is clear, that a month is indeed a long time. Since our last summary there has been progress in other areas wether they are under or above ground.

The detour section of Nagyvárad tér metro station is still under reconstruction, the track, the supporting structure is completely renewed, and in some parts this task has already been completed by professionals. The floor plans of the station, background and service areas are outlined, in many places the new wall structure is in place, and in some rooms the false floor is already finished; mechanical and electrical installations also began in these days. Parallel to the works with left track, the so-called third rail-related tasks are also slowly coming to an end, so the track section will be ready for operation. On the surface, there are currently ground leveling and grading works at the side tracks area of Kőbánya-Kispest metro station, but some of the new pairs of rails have already been laid at the platforms and the footing has been replaced as well.

You can find out more in the gallery and in the video by clicking on this link.

Photos: Bence Horváth

Video: Júlia Vincze