Summary of 2018

Since the beginning of the reconstruction of metro line M3 in the 6th of November 2017, we submitted multiple reports about the ongoing works, such as the removal and supply of the construction materials, the various processes of both above and below the ground. We also mentioned those special machines what have been modified to tunnel works, and wrote about the accessibility of the stations, and in relation with that, the foreign examples, or the 3D modelling of the current project.

From time to time we submitted a video or a written monthly summary to illustrate some of the more interesting phases of the reconstruction (such as escalator installation, the renewing ventilation system, or track welding), and the progress of work, most recently showing the November developments.

However, the renewal of the line is related to a number of other events as well, such as the renovation of enamel-made pieces of art, that are located on the northern section of the line. We also made an interview with several of novaday’s active artists, including Antal Nemcsics, who supervised the works then, and with Gábor Tari and József Zalakovács who are responsible for the present restoration process.

It was also our intention to show the unique connection between subway and culture, therefore a creative contest was announced which encouraged the whole country to present their ideas through their designs made of various techniques, and what they think about metro line M3, such as its modernization, its role in transport, its effects on the environment, etc.

Reading the abovementioned things, it is clear that the reconstruction of metro line M3 is a really complex and meticulous process. And we are far from mentioning everything, leaving many topics for 2019.

Thank you for the cooperation, the patience, and the helpful attitude, on behalf of BKV Zrt. Metro Renovation Project Directorate we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!