Renewing dispatcher centres

As we previously reported the ÁDI (stationary dispatcher room) are those places what are structurally complete already in the northern section of the renewing metro line M3.

As every processes linked to the public transport, dispatching requires increased attention and organisational skills. Metro line M3 is no exception from that, therefore some terms are worth mentioning in this topic:

- ÁDI: the station dispatcher manages and controls daily passenger traffic of the station with the technical means at his disposal, he also manages and supervises the escalators

- EDI: the energy dispatcher responsible for organizing and controlling the energy supply of the subway line, as well as preventing and responding the disturbances in the power supply of the line

- KFM: the central traffic controller is responsible for a single line by himself, manages and controls the safe train traffic with the technical means and equipments at his disposal, he also regularly observes and hold the trains to the daily timetable

- KUD: the central passenger traffic control dispatcher performs various traffic-related tasks remotely. Through his technical equipments he monitors and controls the work of the station dispatchers. He is the superior of the staff of the stations

- MÜDI: the technical dispatcher organizes and directs the supervision of the various fire protection and building services engineering equipments, he is also responsible for troubleshooting equipments malfunctions

As you can see, this system is quite a complex one with a wide range of tasks requiring skilled professionals. During the reconstruction works the places serving the abovementioned processes and their technical equipment will be renewed, and the control apparatus in the Szabó Ervin tér dispatch center will be renovated as well.

KFM in operation

Photos: Bence Horváth

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