Why is it necessary to close the whole section of metro line M3 after weekday’s peak times and at the weekends - during the other renovations scheduled to summer break also?

The reconstruction of metro line M3 is the major project of Budapest since last year’s November. Organizing and executing the required works is a difficult and comlex logistical task, since the only permanent surface connection of the metro situated at the Kőér utca vehicle depot, what lies at the southern end of the 17 km long line. All machinery, tools and materials are transported inside from here on special railway cars (flat wagons) to the northern section under reconstruction and the materials, debris are also transported from the tunnel on this location. To reduce this logistic difficulty at Temesvári utca a new opening was created by dismounting the superstructure (previously reported HERE), but this cannot serve as an alternative route at all times, for example when the new rail parts are being delivered inside.

Photos: Bence Horváth

When metro replacement buses operate instead of the subway, different vehicles - developed for the tunnel transportation - use the tracks. The special trains can travel much slower than the ordinary subway cars, thus they can turn once or twice during the available 6 hours on weekdays. Additionally maintenance services of the whole metro line take place these times.

Therefore on weekdays only a smaller part of the construction related deliveries can be made.

At these times not only the transport and the material handling are taking place but also the insulation and drainage works are carried out. The more significant insulation works could take up to 10-12 hours and the improvements that are already began - due to the nature of the applied technique - cannot be interrupted. These works affect the whole (north, middle and south part) line.

On weekdays there is no possibility for such a long time of shutdown, therefore the closing of the entire line on the weekends is indispensable.

The primary objective of organizing the reconstruction works is to minimize the inconvenience for the public and for the ridership as well, considering the above-mentioned factors. If the time frame for the contractors involved in the reconstruction could not be provided, that would cause delays in the workflow, thus the entire reconstruction period would be extended.

Therefore - because of the mentioned reasons - the reconstruction works cannot be stopped or rescheduled during the summer break and the time table for the subway and the replacement buses cannot be affected by the other renovation works in Budapest.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!