Modelling the metro

In the reconstruction of metro line M3 - like every complex processes and procedures - certain order must set for the different workphases. Before the spectacular demolition and building, plans must be made by measuring and modelling the stations; these are also key factors for the whole project.

The different computer-aided design and drafting software applications make possible for the engineers to see the whole structure of the stations in 3D, where different colours indicate the areas of reconstruction, the installed appliances, as well as the spaces to rebuild or demolish.

Planning the installment of the incline elevators - what got interested both the ridership and media - requires a very detailed work, since there are no such elevators for public transport purposes in Hungary.

How such a technical drawing looks like? We gathered some examples what show the renewing stations on the latter period of the project.

3D feasibility study showing the installment of an incline elevator