Incline elevators for more accessibility

Structurally speaking, there are many examples across Europe for accessibility with incline elevators. These structures and their enviroment could hardly (or with great risks) be served with regular elevators. In Prague, Paris, London and Stockholm incline elevators are operating in different metro stations in order to maintain accessibility.

Studying these cases research begin whether the stations of Klinikák, Corvin-negyed, Kálvin tér, Ferenciek tere and Arany János utca are structurally suitable to have these kind of elevators. Based on the main concept restructuring the incline shafts by the distances between the escalators and reducing their width allows the possibility for building in such incline elevators. During the first period of this year 21 company and 31 subsidiaries - specialized to manufacture incline elevators - were addressed to see the possibility of implementation for metro line M3. Replies with the conceptual plans seemed positive however more measurements are necessary for the practical usage of such elevators.

At the moment incline shafts of the escalators are being geodesicly studied, the results will be gathered and evaluated in the end of this years April. Only after these works, we will be able to see the possibility to install the incline elevators.

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